Main Street News You Can Use 03/28/2014

Our picks for this week’s top news on Main Street.  Each week we give you links to posts we believe will be of benefit to you and your business.

  • How To Use Power Words To Sell

When it comes to sales, a high-quality image can go a long way toward making your product or service more appealing, writes Darcy Grabenstein, but using the right words can help make or break the deal. In this article, she looks at using power words to sell your products or services. Intuit

  • 4 Blogging Alternatives

Not a great writer? No problem. In this article, Jayson Demers looks at four (4) alternatives to creating intriguing SEO-friendly content but aren’t great writers. Entrepreneur

  • 3 Steps To Plan For Business Success

If you want to achieve small business success, nothing beats a plan, writes Pedro Hernandez. In this article, he shares three (3) steps form Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software that will help you plan for success. Small Business Computing

  • 5 Things Your Home Office Should Not Be Without

Working from home can be great, as long as your workspace is set up correctly. In this article, Lisa Thornton shares five (5) things your home office needs to make it work for you. Charlotte Observer

  • 5 Steps To Create Professional Quality Writing For Your Business

If you can’t afford to have someone write quality content for your business, don’t despair. In this article, Susan Payton gives us five (5) steps to create professional quality writing. Small Business Trends




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