News You Can Use in Small Business 02/21/2014

Our picks for this week’s top news in Small Business.  Each week we give you links to posts we believe will be of benefit to you and your business

  • Use Your Blog To Build Your Business

Brett Snyder built his business using self-built tools the most important of which is his blog. In this article, he reviews how this approach has worked for him. Intuit

  • 6 Metrics To Boost Your Sales

Knowing your metrics is critical to sales growth, writes Dave Lavinsky. In this article he looks at six (6) metrics you should track and improve on to boost your sales. Entrepreneur

  • Slow Business Is Good Business

Business leaders are developing an I-want-it-now attitude to many issues and challenges that simply don’t work that way, writes Les McKeown. In this article he looks at the advantages of slow business. Inc.

  • 6 Tips For More Effective Content Marketing

Effective content marketing requires an atlas to help you navigate the stormy digital space so you can not only get your message across, but get it to the people who need it most, writes Sydney Busby. In this article he gives us six (6) tips to make content marketing more effective. MediaPost

  • 4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Brand

For small businesses it can be daunting and easy to think, “Oh, that’s just what the Nikes of the world do.” But actually, a brand is even more important if you’re a small business, writes Sara Conte. In this article she looks a four (4) reasons why your small business needs a brand. UpAndRunning





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