News You Can Use In Small Business 12/27/2013

Our picks for this week’s top news in Small Business.  Each week we give you links to posts we believe will be of benefit to you and your business

  • Are You Ready To Get Social With Your Selling Efforts?

“Modern sales pros must find new ways to become a part of that process earlier, to become part of the conversation before the customer has already made up their mind,” writes Ran Gishri.  “Social selling has emerged as one way to harness this new opportunity by engaging in a two-way conversation with customers and potential customers.” He reviews five (5) things you can do to be out in front of your customers. MarketingProfs

  • Research shows 3 Positive Claims Turns a Prospect Into a Client

A recent study from Georgetown University shows that “three positive claims will produce the most positive impression, and four positive claims will produce an impression that is less positive than the impression created by a three claim message”, writes Aaron Aders.  “When used in the appropriate setting,” he continues, “the “Charm of Three” can be an effective rule of thumb for brand messaging on any marketing channel.”

  • 2014: The Year of Reverse Guest Blogging

Google’s move away from keywords to a more semantic approach increases the need for better, more creative content than ever before, writes Amanda DiSilvestro.  Guest bloggers can be a huge help in producing such content for your site, but how to you find them.  DiSilvestro gives the basics of a great approach to get quality guest bloggers for your site. Small Business Trends

  • How To Boost Post-Holiday Sales

“After the holidays your store is poised for a second rush, but the post-holiday shoppers have different needs”, writes Wensdy Von Buskirk. She spoke with several experts about the needs of post-holiday shoppers and gives us the best ways you can help them.

  • Offering Free Shipping? Follow This 4 Guidelines

When it comes to shipping, the word “free” can be a deal maker, says Rachel Hartman.  “Free shipping is a competition hot spot,” notes Debra Ellis, president of Wilson & Ellis Consulting, which specializes in integrated marketing, customer care, and growth strategies. “Every company needs to review [its] shipping policies to ensure that the business will remain competitive.” Hartman looks at four (4) guidelines to follow when offering free shipping.





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