News You Can Use on Web Marketing 02/28/2014

Our picks for this week’s top news in Web Marketing.  Each week we give you links to posts we believe will be of benefit to you and your business.

  • Vine: Lessons Learned From The Big Brands

Vine offers you the opportunity to convey concise visual messages, writes Christian Jones. She looks at the tactics currently being used by Dove, Lowe’s, Sephora and Target and how they are hitting it out of the park. Intuit

  • Facebook’s Paper App Is For More Than Reading The News

Facebook’s new app (Paper) is much more than a news-reading app, writes Dieter Bohn. He takes a closer look at the app and what it can do. The Verge

  • High-Resolution Impasse Solved, Now How To Take Advantage Of It

Browser makers have settled on a way to handle high-resolution images, writes Stephen Shankland. He takes a deeper look at this development. CNET

  • 5 Best WordPress Plugins For February 2014

Ezequiel Bruin, reviews the top five (5) free WordPress plugins for February 2014 and promises more to come. Web Design Depot

  • Skip Mobile, Lose Customers

Not having a mobile website for your business can not only lose you potential customers, but existing customers as well, writes Ron Johnson. Here he looks at a few reasons to optimize your business for Mobile. Business 2 Community




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