News You Can Use In Web Marketing 12/27/2013

Our picks for this week’s top news in Web Marketing.  Each week we give you links to posts we believe will be of benefit to you and your business.

  • Tips For Getting A Great Mobile Website Builder

“More and more, your customers are accessing your website on mobile devices”, writes Brett Nuckles. “More than half of Americans own a smartphone, and young people are especially likely to search for local businesses on a phone or tablet.” Building a mobile website doesn’t mean you have to do double duty. He reviews the seven (7) features to look for when selecting a mobile website builder. Business News Daily

  • Is Your Typography Boring?

A core design principal, writes Chris Spooner, is pleasing/attractive typography. He showcases 40 site designs that will help you rethink your sites typography. Line25

  • SEO In 2014 – What Does The Future Hold

Omar Kattan rounds up six (6) predictions from experts he follows.  Among the predictions, Hummingbirds, evolving SERP’s and a harder crackdown by Google on link spammers. Omar Kattan

  • Visual Search Drives mCommerce Engagement

“Recent advancements in the area of visual search are setting the stage for a major shift in how people interact with the world around them and how those selling can better interact with those buying”, writes Erika Raciot. “Today’s visual search companies allow users to perform highly intuitive queries based solely on what they see, both online and in the world around them.” Mobile Commerce Daily

  • Website Hosting: A Primer

David Waring has developed this primer for small businesses who are looking at augmenting their brick and mortar sites with an internet presence.  Here he takes a look at the top five (5) web hosting options.  Business 2 Community





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