Our Digital Food Thermometer is Number One!

Digital Meat Thermometer

Mom and Pop Today is pleased to announce our new Digital Food Thermometer, a high quality, affordable, accurate and quick way to get food temperatures that can be counted on has become a #1 New Release on Amazon.


Early customers have responded with enthusiasm and have given the product high review marks. Spencer in Seattle said: “Five Stars – As you can see in my video, this thermometer came in just a few degrees off another digital one that I own, showing me that it’s pretty accurate — if not 100% perfect.”


Being able to quickly and accurately take the temperature of meat and other food products can not only make preparing delicious meals simpler and can also greatly increase food safety and according to the company, this high quality thermometer allows users to get a quick and accurate temperature from meat without cutting the food open, by simply inserting it in what’s being cooked. The digital display is very easy to read and can be changed between C and F, with the tap of a button.


The Mom and Pop Today Digital Food Thermometer offers a temperature range of -50C to 300C, or -58F to 572F, making it not just good for meats and fish, but also for products that need to be cooled to a certain temperature, like soups and yogurts, or to test refrigerators and freezers to make sure they are operating properly. The product comes with an easy change button cell battery and convenient hanging hook for easy storage.


Mom and Pop Today is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and superior customer service.  Go to our Digital Food Thermometer page to get more information about our Digital Food Thermometer or to Amazon to purchase one today.


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