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Our Digital Food Thermometer is Number One!

Digital Meat Thermometer

Mom and Pop Today is pleased to announce our new Digital Food Thermometer, a high quality, affordable, accurate and quick way to get food temperatures that can be counted on has become a #1 New Release on Amazon.   Early customers have responded with enthusiasm and have given the product high review marks. Spencer in…

Food Thermometers Are They Accurate?

Food Temperatures

So, you purchased a food thermometer, but are not sure how accurate the temperature readings are. There are two simple ways to test new food thermometers for accuracy: 1) measure the temperature of cold water and 2) measure the temperature of boiling water. In this article from EatRight.org, you get the step by step instructions…

Food Preparation and Safety

Safe Food Preparation

In this post from Nutrition.gov, you will find several downloadable pdf files on such food preparation topics as BBQ Food Safety, Cooking Safely in the Microwave, Egg Product Preparation, Is it done yet? Thermometer Placement and Temperatures and more like them. Click here to go to the page and download the articles that interest you…